Douglass Hütte

This lodge is located directly next to the mountain station of the Lünerseebahn at a height of 1,979 m  above sea-level, by the Lünersee in the Rätikon in Vorarlberg.

Enjoying the surrounding mountain landscape from the sunny lakeside terrace by the turquoise-blue “jewel” of the Rätikon – an El Dorado for mountain climbers, hikers and anglers – is fascinating for all nature lovers. The lodge stands on the natural rock plate which borders the basin of the lake. What used to be the biggest natural mountain lake in the Eastern Alps was dammed up in 1960, raising the level of the lake.

Our lodge service will spoil you all day with specialities of traditional Austrian cuisine, coffee and cake and various ice cream dishes.

Overnight Accommodation: 50 in bunk rooms, 100 in mattress rows